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*...~A n g e l K a i r i~...*

can you feel the lashing rain?

tally!sock ["FXCK. FLEE THE SCENE."]
7 February 1990
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A crazy rabid fangirl with the greatest friends in the world resides here. At least, a semblance of her thoughts do. She wishes all her mates the most love in the world, and runs back and forth between her anime.manga (the Gravitation anime, currently) and her fanfiction all the time.

Owned bishounen include Auron, Cloud, Hatori, (partly) Momiji, Baralai, Ryuichi and several she has created such as Venn, Sayako and Maro. Fear her. She will get bodyguards that looks like Hatori and Auron when she is rich and famous, and will marry both of them. Possibly at the same time.

Is also: the crack!goddess of fanfiction.net; a lover of yaoi, crack!pairings and anything insane; a devotee of good music; a fan of most all anime and manga; a worshipper of Oscar Wilde; a nerdy and awesome bookworm; a girl who believes that Sephiroth and his sword are definitely compensating for something; a person who adores every single one of her wonderful friends, and many, many more things.

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